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Apr 9 @ 9:07AM • Twitter

Hey DC! How's your neighboorhood look this AM? #WeAreDC

Apr 8 @ 1:39PM • Twitter

RT @urbaninstitute: #LiveAtUrban on Monday: Could #DCstatehood reduce inequities for residents? Register to join the conversation & hear fr…

Apr 8 @ 12:42PM • Twitter

@wanderlust13 @DCstatehood51 @51stDC @NopeDC @New_Columbia Um, can we get you a new sticker? Or 2? #DCStatehood

Apr 8 @ 10:17AM • Twitter

Since DC Students have no Senators, can they also apply through your office? #DCStatehood would clear up questions like these and put DC Students on a level playing field.

Apr 7 @ 4:54PM • Twitter

Hang on! Doesn't @RepAndyHarrisMD get to kill that with federal interference into local issues? No, just us in DC? Cool. #DCStatehood

Apr 7 @ 4:20PM • Twitter

D.C. Statehood: Heritage Foundation Says Yard Signs Are Representation - Rolling Stone

Signs, bowling, MD takeover, airports, car dealerships?

All the arguments against #DCStatehood are ludicrous.

Apr 7 @ 1:46PM • Twitter

RT @urbaninstitute: #LiveAtUrban, 4/12: What would #DCstatehood mean for city residents?

Apr 6 @ 9:23PM • Twitter

All arguments against #DCStatehood are equally ridiculous.

Apr 6 @ 7:14PM • Twitter

RT @EleanorNorton: @maraleia @DC_Vote @sfpelosi @HouseFloor We've got 215 cosponsors.