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Jul 7 @ 12:06PM • Twitter

Invasive and predatory you say. Like, coming into a jurisdiction and just taking over local lawmaking? That kind of thing? #HandsOffDC

Jul 7 @ 12:20AM • Twitter

RT @EleanorNorton: I filed an amendment to the FY23 NDAA to give DC the same number of US service academy nominations and appointments as s…

Jul 6 @ 2:41PM • Twitter

And, 51 (hey, that's got a nice ring to it) years later, the ones from DC still have no representation. #DCStatehood

Jul 5 @ 10:11PM • Twitter

Change Congress or the Senate. The people of DC will decide how to change DC.

Jul 5 @ 4:23PM • Twitter

RT @EleanorNorton: .@RepAnthonyBrown, @RepMaloney and I filed an amendment at the Rules Committee to the FY23 NDAA to give DC's mayor contr…

Jul 5 @ 12:35PM • Twitter

RT @adamlongoTV: Just a reminder that, as of today, America has spent 246 years free from a system of government involving taxation without…

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Jun 30 @ 10:58AM • Twitter

mission of organizations committed to voting rights and equality."

Jun 30 @ 10:58AM • Twitter

community must ensure DC Statehood is part of any voting rights legislative package. Using the enfranchisement of District residents as a bargaining chip, particularly when the majority of Americans who live in the District are Black and brown, is counter to the values and...