You've probably heard 20 of the 23 Presidential candidates have stated their support for #DCStatehood. This is great! But, it's not enough.

These photos were submitted to us by Ann Elise, from Capitol Hill. Thanks Ann Elise! 

My name is Ann Elise, and I've lived in Capitol Hill, DC for 18 years (born and raised).

Our first-ever photos were submitted to us by Jeff, from Mount Pleasant. Thanks Jeff! 

My name is Jeff and I’ve been a resident, father, and taxpayer in Mount Pleasant, DC for 21 years.

Presidential CandidatesWe've spent the last few months documenting each Presidential candidate's remarks and positions on democratic equality for the District of Columbia.

Last night, Mayor Muriel Bowser gave her State of the District Address – touting the financial stability of the District of Columbia and promising increased investment in affordable housing, public education and transit. 

Congressman Rod Blum (R-IA) saw it as the perfect time to send out the following tweet:

Almost three years ago, we stood together and celebrated the passage of Referendum 8, a ballot initiative that amended the DC Home Rule Charter to give the District of Columbia local budget control. With the law on our side, we freed ourselves from congressional control over our local tax dollars.

Late last week, the DC Superior Court upheld the force of the election and declared DC's local budget autonomy act the law of the land, ruling:

Heritage Foundation nonsenseNever a stickler for facts or honoring its own mission statement, the Heritage Foundation is back yet again urging Congress to abuse their authority and interfere with the District of Columbia's locally-passed laws.

HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver brought national attention to the injustice facing the residents of the District of Columbia highlighting our lack of full representation and Congressional interference in the city's local laws. We're extremely grateful to the Last Week Tonight team for highlighting this issue, and appreciated consulting with the writers as they tried to tackle this complex topic.