DC Vote is partnered with Base Builder in efforts to raise awareness and funds for our cause. The door-to-door outreach effort gives us a unique and timely opportunity to hear residents' dismay with congressional oversight. We want DC residents voices to be heard. These front porch conversations provide a face-to-face interaction that prompt many people to re-commit their time and resources to the mission of DC Vote.

 Our canvass outreach for last summer:

  • Knocked on 35,864 doors
  • Enlisted 5,541 new supporters
  • Secured 2,833 new contributions
  • Collected over $100,000 for the cause

We plan on keeping the momentum going for this summer as well. Thanks to all of our highly-skilled and enthusiastic outreach teams and everyone involved in the canvass! We're showing the nation that we are organized and serious about taking our message across the country to invite broader support.