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Jan 15 @ 9:17AM • Twitter

4 years ago #DCStatehood wqs a local issue, now 54% of Americans support the freedom to govern ourselves.

Jan 15 @ 8:59AM • Twitter

This the day after @RepThomasMassie tries to score cheap political points with his ban on his staff going to DC eateries. The freedom to govern ourselves is an American value. We chose leaders who choose to protect each other. WE NEED #DCstatehood to ensure our own freedom.

Jan 14 @ 10:21PM • Twitter

RT @EleanorNorton: I will provide sandwiches this weekend to members of @RepThomasMassie's staff who're vaxxed + boosted but afraid they'll…

Jan 14 @ 1:23PM • Twitter

RT @EleanorNorton: Ahead of #MLKDay, I'm calling on the Senate to complete the nation's work on civil rights by passing comprehensive votin…

Jan 14 @ 9:20AM • Twitter

"I will force my staff to eat cold food before I support local governance."

Principled stand.

Jan 13 @ 11:20AM • Twitter

RT @cliff_notes: Reminder: all throughout the #FreedomRide this summer, we talked about three bills:
1. FTPA/Freedom to Vote
2. John Lewis…

Jan 12 @ 10:27PM • Twitter

DC has twice elected black women to the District's version of Governor.

No state has done so.

Blaze a trail toward the freedom to vote; the freedom to govern ourselves; and the freedom of self-determination.

Support #DCStatehood

Jan 12 @ 2:56PM • Twitter

"And that we did it for everyone, including DC residents, through #DCStatehood." - missing part of @VP

Jan 12 @ 1:54PM • Twitter

In which @RepNancyMace calls for states to legislate marijuana while also supporting the Harris Amendment that blocks DC residents from deciding for ourselves. Oh, and she opposes #DCStatehood, which would allow us, as a state, to follow her own legislation.

Jan 12 @ 12:59PM • Twitter

@Timeactor2 @MurielBowser Exactly. Should you decide you don't want to live in VA you could try to become autonomous. Or choose other things. No one is telling you to uproot your life and change everything you know in order to achieve equality. Our country was built by changing to make things better.