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Aug 7 @ 11:31AM • Twitter

As the vote-a-rama continues the people of DC wait to have any input. #DCStatehood moves our republic closer to democracy for all.

Aug 7 @ 11:22AM • Twitter

Repeat after us. DC parents decide what's best for DC kids. #HandsOffDC

Aug 5 @ 10:13AM • Twitter

@mainman410 @Brightwoodian @AlexKomaWCP We do not. We're a bit busy educating about #DCStatehood. Might check with @Vote4DC though!

Aug 4 @ 2:52PM • Twitter

.@CHRiS_CARDi is another co-host for our upcoming #ArtDrivesStatehood event on August 29th.

Visit our IG and FB pages to learn more about Chris and his work, who inspires him, and his political activism.

And don't forget to purchase tickets at

Aug 3 @ 6:50PM • Twitter

It's our Program Director @MissKelsye Adams' birthday!

Join us in wishing her a healthy and happy year while she continues to work for #DCStatehood.

Aug 2 @ 3:34PM • Twitter

If we were a state this would have never happened. #DCStatehood

Aug 2 @ 3:13PM • Twitter

RT @pieshopdc: This is going to be an awesome event at the Atlas Theatre co-hosted by yours truly along with a bunch of awesome folks. Than…

Aug 2 @ 3:04PM • Twitter

@GAADBot @canva Thanks for your quick reply. We will do that going forward.

Aug 2 @ 3:03PM • Twitter

To learn more about the #ArtDrivesStatehood event and/or to purchase tickets, visit

Aug 2 @ 2:58PM • Twitter

@GAADBot Again, thank you for this guidance. Is there anyway you can email me at and explain how to add alt text on a tweet published from Canva?