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RT @LWVDC: Congrats! @DC_Vote has every reason to be very proud of all your efforts! @LWV and @LWVDC are proud, too, to be your partners…

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Make sure you check it out!

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Our work and artifacts to advance #DCStatehood are on display in the library's collection. We are honored to be featured alongside Dr. King, Chuck Brown, Kojo Nnamdi, and so many more artists, activists, and leaders committed to Statehood.

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The newly re-opened MLK branch of the @DCPL features Dr. Martin Luther King's #DCStatehood activism in "Up From the People: Protest and Change in DC."

And DC Vote is featured!

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RT @sclemson: Look what arrived on #ConstitutionDay - my very own 51-star-spangled banner from @FlagsForGood to support @DC_Vote We're out…

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It's not only perfectly constitutional to admit DC as a state right now, it is practically required. If we want to live up to the ideals of our Constitution then we owe it to the 700,000 unrepresented District residents to admit DC as a state.

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And there are no population or economic requirements to enter as a new state. Additionally, there is no mention in the Constitution of states needing to have airports, bowling alleys, mines, or car dealerships -- all bogus arguments opponents of Statehood have used.

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Today is #ConstitutionDay!

Did you know the admissions clause in Article IV, Section 3 of the Constitution grants Congress the authority to admit states into the union?