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Aug 3 @ 10:53PM • Twitter

Might be coincidence, but they both just ran this race in #DCStatehood time. #51

Aug 3 @ 3:52PM • Twitter

Seems important. Call who?


Aug 3 @ 12:16AM • Twitter

When @espn gets what 54 Senators don't. #DCStatehood

Aug 2 @ 10:58PM • Twitter

RT @tomsherwood: Part of the text of that new Senate infrastructure bill: ''(2) STATE.—The term 'State' means a State of the United States…

Aug 2 @ 10:57PM • Twitter

Today, democracy activists from across the country were arrested outside the Senate for trying to have their voice heard on the #ForThePeopleAct. Now, realize the residents of DC have been silenced on every issue for 200 years. Recognize that #DCStatehood is democracy reform.

Jul 30 @ 12:18PM • Twitter

Protecting voting rights also means ensuring that everyone is represented. The #DCStatehood findings should be maintained as the #ForThePeopleAct is debated in the Senate.

Jul 28 @ 10:33PM • Twitter

RT @Iowans4DCState: 28 states, D.C. and Switzerland - That's where people were from this year that signed up as #DCStatehood supporters at…

Jul 28 @ 3:31PM • Twitter

Hey look! It's some of the DC Vote team.

Meet the LGBTQ leaders behind #DCStatehood fight - from the @WashBlade

Jul 28 @ 12:16PM • Twitter

Time to make it official @SenAngusKing! Co-sponsor #S51 the #DCSTATEHOOD bill!.

Veterans Urge Sen. King To Vote For D.C. Statehood; King Signals That Support

Jul 27 @ 10:36AM • Twitter

RT @DennisJaffe: Inspired by @Iowans4DCState annual bike ride for representation & the champions at @DC_Vote to win Statehood for DC. Let's…